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  • Fast™Vat I - Two-Week Lead Time
The FAST™Vat I is designed for use with our B9 Core 5 Series XL platforms, delivering accuracy, speed, and an effective build volume suited for a range of applications. 

  • Designed to enable industry-leading speed 
  • Ideal for both prototyping and production environments 
  • Enables accuracy across the build plane with low release forces, allowing accurate printing of intricate designs 
  • Every FAST™Vat I and II comes with a lid, enabling temporary storage of unused resin, and making the FAST™Vat I and II stackable when the lids are on.

See warranty. 

Resin Compatibility

  • Yellow Casting Resin
  • Emerald Casting Resin
  • Slate High-Detail Resin
  • Rugged - Nylon6 Resin
  • Resilient - Silicone Resin
  • FastWax Casting Resin

Fast™Vat I - Two-Week Lead Time

  • Product Code: B9A-FASTVAT-I
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $329.00