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  • B9Clean Extra Container Kit  - 2-week Lead Time

From print to post-processing, integrate the end-to-end solution that enables your business to operate more efficiently and profitably than ever before. 

If you're already automating your post-processing with thorough, no-mess cleaning using the B9Clean, take your workflow solution to the next level. Whether you're in high-volume production, using multiple resins, printing large parts or looking to streamline your process, you can extend the life of your isopropyl alcohol in your B9Clean by keeping this Extra Container Kit full of pristine cleaning solution for a final part rinse.


The digital workflow that lives up to its name.

Your push-button operation shouldn’t stop at the printer.

Automate your post-processing with thorough, no-mess cleaning. Parts can be transferred directly from the printer to the B9Clean while still on the build platform or as loose models on the part tray. 

0 touch points

Before your part is printed, clean, and dry 

10 minutes

Approximate clean time with fresh isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

1.3 liters

IPA volume for clean container

Uses 75% less cleaning solution than other wash units

Can hold up to 2 liters for larger parts 50 uses Amount of uses per IPA refill in regular use

B9Clean Extra Container Kit - 2-week Lead Time

  • Brand: B9Creations
  • Product Code: B9A-CLN-CK10
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $195.00